Green growth: key articles


Climate change and the ecological limits to growth are more than ever also a topic for economists. Authors of EJEEP have recently contributed to debates on the ecological consequences of capitalist production and a possible transformation towards more sustainable economies from a macreoconomic perspective.

Synthesizing feminist and post-Keynesian/Kaleckian economics for a purple–green–red transition
Özlem Onaran and Cem Oyvat

Assessing climate policies: an ecological stock–flow consistent perspective
Yannis Dafermos and Maria Nikolaidi

Beyond climate economics orthodoxy: impacts and policies in the agent-based integrated-assessment DSK model
Francesco Lamperti and Andrea Roventini

A strong sustainability approach to development trajectories
Antoine Godin, Anda David, Oskar Lecuyer, and Stéphanie Leyronas

The ecological crisis and post-Keynesian economics – bridging the gap?
Vera Huwe and Miriam Rehm

Growth in the ecological transition: green, zero or de-growth?
Jan Priewe

Transformation of capitalism to enforce ecologically sustainable GDP growth: lessons from Keynes and Schumpeter
Hansjörg Herr

Buying into inequality: a macroeconomic analysis linking accelerated obsolescence, interpersonal inequality, and potential for degrowth
Antoine Monserand

Would a zero-growth economy be achievable and be sustainable?
Giuseppe Fontana and Malcolm Sawyer

The macroeconomic implications of zero growth: a post-Keynesian approach
Eckhard Hein and Valeria Jimenez